Frozen Water My Daughter is Here

Frozen Water My Daughter is Here

This song, written by retired military officer Elton Adams originally from Roddickton, NL, is the epitome of female hockey in Canada and we are sure every hockey parent can relate.

“This song celebrates women, girls, and hockey. It advocates for and empowers women and girls to lace their skates, pick-up their sticks, and become hockey heroes for future generations” - Elton Adams

We would like to thank Elton for allowing us to use his video.

Watch the full video below. 

Frozen Water My Daughter is Here (lyrics)

O Dark 30 in the morning, but she doesn’t care,

Just wants to get ready, brushing her golden hair,

Quick stop at timmies, now we’re on our way 

She wants to win this tourny, gonna light the lamp today 


My daughter plays on frozen Water 

All heart without fear

She’s get’n fast yeah she’s growing stronger

Frozen water my daughter is here

Frozen water my daughter is here 

Causing chaos in the corners, she can dangle she can score,

Deploys her howitzer, just to hear her fans roar,

Gonna chirp the opposition, she’s got fire in her eyes

Gonna play her position, only wants the final prize 

Repeat Chorus 

Some say this game, is just for boys to play, no need for girls around here

But with her pink tape, her superhero cape, she’s gonna skate through her fears

She’ll call the shots around here 

Repeat Chorus